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We all want to be stylish while going to work, correct ?! As we would in our everyday lives .So let’s make it a thing .Our essential workers are very important people, ESPECIALLY now . Let’s celebrate you with style .  Come shop with us for all of your favorite colors & looks. As we would provide you with the very best high quality of Med Couture brand. Comfortable, durable, and stretchy material, we know you would love . Not only do they look good, they feel great. The elastic waistline and drawstring that you cannot go wrong with.  Have you guys checked out the joggers?  If you like the "sporty" look while still in your uniform scrubs, this is the look for YOU! So many colors, you may want them all!!!!  These  Med Couture uniforms have various pockets for all of your medical equipment. You can never  get enough pockets, especially in a face pace environment such as healthcare. I consider this brand "curvy girl friendly"  as well.  Med couture fits ALL body types with  YOU in mind. We CANNOT forget about the men's collection,  Rothwear  . There are great pieces from performance tees to the warm up jackets, performance fleece jackets and much more !   Amongst so many other styles & colors. Can’t wait to get you guys,  Scrubbed In Style, by yours truly

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